Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April Showers Bring May Flowers-- Free Fun ( indoors and out!)

 I know the weather in Houston can always be finicky, but April is a month that can prove that statement more often than not. So this month I'm sharing events that are both indoors and out -- so you can have a back up plan in case Houston's weather does its thing!

The Grand Kids Festival is a hodgepodge of fun for you and your family and its completely free. Its taking place in Galveston April 6 starting at 10 am!
Houston Art Car Weekend is happening April 11th and includes an interactive Kids Zone for you little ones. Check it out here for more information!

Easter's almost here and if you want your little ones memorialized with the iconic Easter Bunny, why not go to Memorial City Mall ( dates are all throughout April). Or if you are in the Southeast side of town try Pearland Town Center April 6th from 3 pm- 5 pm 

Board games are NOT a thing of the past and you can prove it to your kids by taking them to Sugar Land Town Square for their Lyrics and Lawn Games on April 20th 

The Spring Fling Family Festival will be April 13th at the Nature Discovery Center

April 13th is Earth Day and Sugar Land Town Square is hosting a major event including some free paper shredding-- so get those old documents and you kids and stop by!

Looking for fun on the inside? Try P.A.W.S Reading Program at HMNS Sugar Land. Kids of all ages can read to well trained ( and very adorable ) furry friends. 

Michaels Arts and Crafts

Another cool place to check out with your family is Michael's Arts and Crafts. They always have cheap and free events for kids to create while their parents shop. Check out their website and find the location nearest you. 

I love a good story time, and Barnes and Nobles has it down to a T! Each Saturday at 11 am their locations host a craft and story time ( for free!) and offer a discounted price on the story that was read to your kiddos! Great marketing right?!?  

Stargazing with Houston Astronomical Society

I think all little kids have a fascination with space, so why not feed their curiosity with a Stargazing sesh with the Houston Astronomical Society? This will be held at Discovery Green on April 13th at 8 pm

Microsoft Kids Classes 

STEM is the new black! From Minecraft to slime, you have probably unwillingly been taken on an adventure with your child based on Science. Microsoft is catching on and is hosting free workshops that teach kids coding, building robotic hands, and yes-- minecraft!

I know Summer is around the corner! If you are looking for camps that offer scholarship assistance, I've spotted a few:

Houston Museum of Natural Science offers scholarships for ages 6 and up

Secondary registration is open for the Houston Zoo summer camp scholarship

Club Sci Kidz is  a STEM based camp that offers need based scholarships 

The Houston Public Library offers a free all day (week long) summer camp, registration opens May 6th! Set your alarms, because this one fills up fast!

Destiny Sports Camp is a  free 4 day sports camp for 1st - 5th grades-- registration opens up in May.

Last but not least, I wrote a blog post for Houstons Moms Blog about the many Vacation Bible Schools around Houston-- most of them are free and there are even a few that are offered in the evening!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

March and Happiness. Free Fun for the Family

Happy Women’s History Month! I love March because of Spring Break...obviously! But there are so many other things to celebrate, and as always I'd like to bring it to you for as cheap as possible! 

My favorite place in the entire world is encouraging you to spend time celebrating women by exploring their impact on our community. You can visit the Houston Public Library’s website to find out events that you and your family might enjoy!

Texas Children’s Annual Teddy Bear Clinic is happening Saturday March 3rd. Your child will receive a free teddy bear as a patient, and get to take their patient to different booths around the hospital grounds to help make sure their new friend is healthy. The event is held at the Texas Children’s West Campus beginning at 9 am!

 Microsoft Events- STEM is happening, and it’s never too early to start! Microsoft hosts a series of events at their Galleria location that are geared at taking your skills to the next level. From intro to Artificial Intelligence to a Fortnite Tournament your kids will have a blast, and bonus—they’ll be learning too!

Looking for free fun for Spring Break? Levy Park is a phenomenal park, and they are hosting a week long series of free events from March 11th- March 15th.  Here’s a sample of their schedule:

If you aren’t free but want to check the park out during the weekends, they also have Boot camp, Photography classes and free Yoga classes every Saturday morning. Here’s their calendar for more information.

Don’t forget Home Depot! This month you and your kids can make a small clock to help teach time, or give them a chance to learn how to safely use tools. You can register here to hold your spot!

I love festivals, and one of the best festivals for kids is the McDonald’s Children’s Festival. There are tons of free giveaways, food trucks and fun games. If you are interested, check out the Groupon for discounted admission rates.

The Woodlands Family Fun fest is another great festival happening in the Houston Area. This event is just as fun packed as the Mc Donald's Festival, but its free! Register here for more information 

Did you know you can get free Chuck E Cheese tokens? If you set a goal with your little ones and use their Goal Tracking Sheet you can turn the sheet in at your location for 10 free tokens! Here's the form!

Bass Pro Kids Weekend (Free) at Pearland and Katy Mills Locations
More Fun Around the City:

Spring Break at Bayou Bend 

PJ Mask at the Smart Financial Center

School House Rock Live! at the Main Street Theater

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Family Friendly events in honor of Black History Month

Since it’s February, I decided to dedicate all of this month’s free/cheap events to the celebration of Black History Month. Hopefully no matter what you look like, you are spending time teaching your kids about the rich cultures that make our country beautiful and diverse!

My favorite thing to do with my son is watch plays, so I’m so excited to share this event with you--Fela! This phenomenal play celebrates the history of musical giant and activist, Fela Kuti. The play is being held in the month of February at HSPVA. Get your tickets here.

Another theater here in Houston is celebrating Black History Month, by honoring baseball great- Jackie Robinson. On February 17th, you can meet a real life baseball legend, Grover “Deacon” Jones, as he talks about the history of baseball through his eyes and experiences. He will be doing a post show interview after the performance. You can get your tickets here.

The Center for Healing Racism is hosting an open dialogue that focuses on MLK's, Letter from a Birmingham Jail. This event is free, but donations are welcome. This is a great event if you have older kids, or if you are looking for a solid basis to have conversations about race with your kids.

Art in the Park at Studewood Park is celebrating Black History Month with a free family art day. Register here for more information.

The Houston Public Library is hosting a variety of events that include an essay contest, arts and crafts, movies and a lecture series—check them out here—and they are all free!

You can also sign up for a guided tour at the Houston Museum of African American Culture I've never been, and am looking forward to sharing this experience with my son. 

Want to hear one of the best stories ever written? Check out the Children’s Museum of Houston on February 7th as they do a live reading of Henry’s Box. Or stop by on February 9th for their Jazz Poetry Reading

Sienna Branch Library is hosting a hand drumming class for kids to enjoy the rich vibrant history of drumming circles on February 9th from 2p-4pm. His drum company has performed at my school for the past 3 years and EVERY person in the building was dancing-- they are that good. 

The Katy Branch of the Harris County Public Library is hosting a Poetry night for teens and young adults on February 16th at 1:30 pm
The Taste of Pan Africa Food Festival being held on February 15th from 4pm—11pm, get your tickets on Eventbrite.

Another great way to celebrate Black History Month, is to immerse yourself in the culture through books. Barnes and Noble is going to do a read aloud of I am Martin Luther King, by Brad Meltzer on February 23rd at 11 o'clock am. 
Follow me on Instagram @urbankidinthecity for all of the books that Ill be showcasing this month in honor of Black History Month.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New Year, New Me, same cheap events for your family!

What a blur—a fun, eventful blur—but a blur nonetheless…
I moved into a new place (packed, unpacked and built a loft bed, like a boss!) visited 3 different lights, 2 plays and a gazillion different events around Houston. Needless to say I am part of #teamtoomuch, but I had fun!  The most memorable part of my vacation was a Vision Board Party and a Painting with Santa Event.

The Painting with Santa was at Glazed over Ceramics in West Houston. When you arrive they have a table set up with your name, a ceramic plate and a paint request slip. The back of the store has snacks, drinks and the big guy himself. You are invited to take as many pictures as you would like with Santa, and he was SUPER friendly so he didn’t mind. After taking photos my son and I sat down to paint our plate—well I painted he ate cookies and drank juice. I love this event because it gives me a time to sit and create with my son. Whenever I ask him what he likes to do with me, he always says ‘make stuff’ so I know this is a tradition that will stick with me.

I do a lot of events with my son, so my NY Resolution was to spend time doing this as ‘myself.’  So I attended More Than A Vision Board Party with the Urban Sisters Network. It was a very uplifting event that included: yoga, motivational speakers, and of course a vision board.

If you are looking for things to do with your family, as usual here are a list of free or inexpensive events happening around our great city!

January 15th Family Slime Night at Katy Mills Chick Fil A

January 19th Project Cradle Care: This is a free community baby shower for young expectant mothers to get the resources they may need.

Project Cradle Care

9 AM · 9314 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77051

January 26thFamily Fish Camp: Want to learn about fishing? Camping? Try this morning session that gives you and your little ones an intro to basic fishing—for free!!

January 20th – Child Author, Bailey Davis is doing a book signing for his second book
Did you know how to keep your family safe in an emergency?  Try this CPR class for free

Son or Daughter Events that spread love:

If you are looking for a way to teach diversity and celebrate the upcoming Black History Month you’re your kids, try visiting Main Street Theater and watching the Jackie Robinson story on opening night, January 22nd Jackie and Me is for students in 5th grade and up due to some sensitive language that is used during the play.

Don’t forget to pick up your flip kit at any Houston Public Library and get your free pass for MLK day at Children’s Museum. This passes can be used at the Houston or Fort Bend location and are usually good for 2 months.

My favorite place to find free classes, programs, and resources is the library so browse their list of upcoming events here.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

New Year's Resolution-- Challenge Met!

This all started as a New Year's Resolution. I mean I love doing things, and I love doing things with my son, but on a educator budget sometimes fun is not always an option. So I created fun activities at home for us-- but I knew in a city this big there had to be many fun opportunities for a family to enjoy themselves on a budget. So I explored the city with my son in tow and Google in my hand and found hundreds of events that helped him pique his interest in Science and Space-- and gave me a scrapbook full of memories.

 After living in Chicago for almost 5 years, I remember waking up one day and seeing sheets of white dust cover the lawn outside of my apartment and thinking: "Oh. Yeah. It does snow here." I had spent the previous seasons enjoying the sun, the cool air of the Summer and the beautiful Fall so much so that I truly forgot that snow was a possibility.

I highly doubt that we will get enough snow here to cover the roads for longer than an hour, but who knows?? The point is that I want to get lost in this Season like I got lost in the Fall and Summer of Chicago. I want to spend time with my son enjoying ourselves to the point that I forget that I have a full time job or other obligations. The purpose of this Holy Season is to know that we have been blessed with a Gift, and hopefully share that love with others through time, appreciation-- and yes gifts.

Now that the cheesy stuff is over, here are some great ideas for you and your family to spend time together creating cheesy loving memories.

Thank you so much for your support this year. If one person spent more time with their kids, and one event got one extra visitor from my blog-- it was all worth it! Merry Christmas Y'all, See you in 2019!


-- And last but not least-- your own neigborhood! Get in your car with blankets and hot cocoa and drive around the area and see what cool neighborhood lights you can catch for the price of a few gallons of gas. 


       Santa will be at Glazed over Ceramics on December 8th and 9th for unlimited photos and a chance to decorate a ceramic plate with your hand print and his!

       Old tried and true- Chick Fil A’s monthly family event will feature old St. Nick and lots of arts and crafts at their Bellaire and Highway 6 location on December 10th and Frosty the Snowman will be at their Mason location in Katy on December 11th. 

       Holiday Characters galore will be at Second Baptist Church’s West campus for their annual Christmas Play that is put on totally for free and open to the public. Come early to their Saturday showing and for a few $10 you can get a buffet style pancake breakfast and first choice at seats for the show. 

      Santa will be at Brazos Valley Credit Union for free photos and crafts, but don’t forget your camera or phone! The event will be on December 15th from 8 am -11 am at the Katy Admin Community Room-- follow me on instagram for more information @urbankidinthecity

       Looking for some Kwanzaa fun-- head over to Texas Southern on December 8th for their family fest. This event is complete with food, crafts, games and giveaways. Plus another opportunity for you to see Old St. Nick! This event is on December 8th from 12:30 to 2:30 pm at the University Museum. 


      Want to try something different? Head over to the Chelsea Market for a fun cheap game of Yuletide Bingo! You’ll want to bring your horseshoe or lucky rabbit’s foot—because there will be prizes!!

Will you have kids and family in town and looking for something to do with them during the Holiday break- Try the Peter Pan Play put on by Houston House on the Prairie. This family friendly show is super interactive and lots of fun. Get their early for free activities before the show

 Want to get in the Christmas Spirit with a little jazz music or classic Christmas carols—try these shows, and watch all of your grinch-ly bones turn to joy!

Sunday, November 18, 2018 it Christmas yet?!?!

 I am so thankful for Thanksgiving; it gives us the time ( literally a week off! #teacherlife) to process all of the things we should be grateful for. In a country, and a time like this-- we need it!! So before I get to my December Around the Town Schedule. I want to pause and say thank you for some of the things that I am grateful for.

1. I am grateful for my son's school being open on Monday and Tuesday, and my school being closed. I'm about to partaayy!! Just joking. Ill probably stay in my pajamas all day and watch Hallmark movies and drink some tea-- but that's the same right?

2. I am thankful for support. Support in friends, family, church groups, co workers, strangers at AT&T store that help you find the cheapest phone-- even if it is not at the AT&T store.

3. I am thankful for my job. It is a God given gift to have the ability to work and the means to do so-- and teachers aren't millionaires, but I'm glad for what I have.

4. Last but not least I am thankful for my son. Having a child is hard. But its the good kind of hard. Like training for a triathlon-- you have good days and bad days with your training. Some days you hurt and some days you feel like you are running with the wind. But you have a goal and a mark in front of you that makes you push harder and makes you get up when you cry and try again. Thank you son for being my inspiration, and thank you to my Heavenly Father for giving him to me.

Now that we got the mushy stuff out of the way-- let's get ready for Christmas!!! Here are some of the fun things that are happening in December-- I'd love to see you there! Follow me on Instagram @urbankidinthecity and tag me in a post if you make it to one of the events.

Week 1

December 1st and 2nd-
Breakfast with Santa at Blue Triangle. This event is sponsored my the Houston Pan Hellenic Council and is a free event for kids up to age 12 to get a free gift, healthy breakfast and some fun! I will be volunteering with my sorority and I can't wait to see you there.

Home Depot's Monthly Craft will be held on December 1st and Ill be there with my little guy making a sled with a reindeer.

Katy Festival 

Home Plate for the Holidays

Photo Cred.

Week 2

December 7th, 8 and 9th

Pajama Story time at Barnes and Noble- Polar Express? Check. Hot cocoa and snacks? Check.  Pajamas? Double Check! Come read a Holiday Classic with the Barnes and Noble team on Friday at 7 pm-- check your nearest Barnes and Nobles for other times and location.

Houston Moms Blog Doughnuts with Santa- sorry this event is all sold out, but it's an annual event so we will see you next year :)

Houston's First Baptist Church Christmas Event- For tickets check here.

For $25, you can paint a ceramic dish with your little one's hand print and Santa's as well. There will be snacks and unlimited photo opportunities. Check out their site for more information

Week 3

December 10th - Chick Fil A is hosting pictures with Santa with free face painting and balloon art!

December 15th - Had enough of Santa-- me neither! Check him out at Bass Pro throughout the month of December.

Week 4

December 17
How to Catch an Elf at Katy Budget Books- Books and Arts and Crafts are my jam, so throw in a little Holiday fun and I'm all over it! For more info on this STEM based Read Aloud go here.

December 22nd
Sign Time for kids at Westchase Library at 10:00 am. I often wish I had a secret language to share with my closest friends whenever I needed to say something important and totally private like-- what are you going to wear to the NYE party. So in an attempt to make that happen, I am learning Sign Language and teaching my son too! Want t learn- check out info here.

Holiday Lights - If you purchase tickets to this event online or in person, make sure to mention "Rhosebuds" so that a portion of your tickets goes to empowering young girls to support their community!

Mid Summer Fun List

Online Websites That offer FREE and paid resources for kids: ·        Activity Hero ·        Varsity Tutors Houston Public Library a...